Smart transportation application system

Updated:  November 25, 2016 L M S

"Ningbo Pass", released to the public in September 2013, is a kind of travel information service system delivered directly to your mobile phone. It covers almost all aspects of transportation, including information on pedestrian and vehicle traffic, roads, ships and ports. "Ningbo Pass" has 21 functions, such as real-time bus information, a public bicycle system, transit traffic updates, train ticket balance, air traffic, express delivery checks, vehicle repair and driving lessons, travel planning, traffic violation enquiry, accident reports and taxi services. 

The traffic congestion index system for Ningbo’s central urban area is currently under internal testing and optimization after the completion of technological R&D and hardware construction. The system, integrating high-definition video information from about 300 street corners around the central urban area and the GPS data from taxis, can be used to evaluate the traffic index from all major areas of the urban area.   

A smart parking guidance system has been established to tackle the problems of parking cars. As of 2014, the parking guidance system has incorporated 16 parking lots in Haishu district and five in Jiangbei district. With the help of the system, car owners have access to such information as the location of parking lots and the amount of available parking spaces.