Updated:  November 25, 2016 L M S

Ningbo has 1262-kilometers of navigable waterways. Among them, the 252-km-long Hangzhou-Ningbo Canal connects with the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal, capable of accommodating 40-tonnage vessels. Currently the city has 632 vessels, totaling 903,000 tonnage and 6977 passengers. 

Ferries and ships between Ningbo, Shanghai and Zhousan have greatly promoted economic exchanges and passenger transportation. 


Ningbo Port Passenger Transport Center

Ningbo Port Passenger Transport Center is located in Jiangbei Wharf, and the ticket office is at No 142 Zhongma Road. 

Telephone: +86-574-8735-6332

Daxie Passenger Transport

Passengers can take an express vessel to Putuo Mountain at Daxie Passenger Transport.

Telephone: +86-574-8676-2810

Baifeng Passenger Transport Wharf

People can take Bus No 558 from South Bus Station to Baifeng Wharf. 

Telephone: +86-574-8672-7031

Guoju Ningzhou Ferry Station 

Routes: Guoju-Liuheng; Guoju-Taohua; Guoju-Xiazhi 

Counseling: +86-574-8602-1744

Supervision hotline: +86-574-8678-2829

Zhenghai Passenger Transport

Routes: Zhenghai-Daju-Chengsi; Zhenghai-Gaoting; Zhenghai-Dapukou 

Counseling: +86-574-8627-0277

Supervision hotline: +86-574-8637-8182

Xize Hengshan Ferry Station

Routes: Xize-Hengma 

Counseling: +86-574-6564-0144

Supervision hotline: +86-574-6597-2991

Xiangshan Shipu Waterway Passenger Transport

Routes: Shipu-Hepu 

Counseling: +86-574-6596-4471

Supervision hotline: +86-574-6597-2991

Ninghai Wushan- Xiangshan Shipu Taining Ferry Station: 

Counseling: +86-574-6590-7458; +86-574-6531-7858

Supervision hotline: +86-574-6590-7458; +86-574-6555-2215