Artisan passes on Hongbang tailoring techniques

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  March 2, 2021 L M S


Chai Jianming, a 68-year-old inheritor of the Hongbang tailoring technique that originated in Ningbo, teaches his apprentice Zhu Xiaopeng how to make a Zhongshan suit. [Photo/IC]

Chai Jianming, a 68-year-old inheritor of Hongbang tailoring, has been dedicated to passing on the traditional garment-making craft. 

As a masterful tailor, Cai has been hired as a consultant by numerous garment brands including Youngor, Saint Angelo, and Seven.

He also was invited to record a video to showcase how to make a Zhongshan suit with Hongbang tailoring techniques in 2017, which is now displayed in the Ningbo Garment Museum.

Originating on the banks of the Fenghuajiang River in Ningbo, Hongbang tailoring combines local tailoring traditions and western draping technology.

The school's tailors crafted the nation's first suit and first Zhongshan suit. Through traveling artisans, the craft has been spread to more than 30 cities both at home and abroad.

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