Zhejiang Agricultural Fair showcases Ningbo delights

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  December 8, 2023 L M S


The Ningbo exhibition hall at the 2023 Zhejiang Agricultural Fair. [Photo/Ningbo Daily]

Agricultural products from Ningbo, Zhejiang province have drawn flocks of buyers at the 2023 Zhejiang Agricultural Fair that opened in Hangzhou on Dec 7.

The fair, running from Dec 7 to 11, has nine exhibition areas spanning 40,000 square meters. Ningbo authorities led a delegation of some 120 agricultural businesses from the city to the event. The Ningbo exhibition hall includes five areas featuring more than 2,000 products from Fenghua, Yuyao, Cixi, Ninghai and Xiangshan.

Red Beauty, a citrus fruit, is one of the bestsellers at the Xiangshan exhibition area.

"It's a bumper year for Red Beauty fruits in Xiangshan. This year's total yield is expected to surpass 25 million kilograms," said Zhou Lu, deputy director of the Xiangshan County Agriculture and Rural Affairs. 

"It tastes great," said a customer surnamed Li, who tried the fruit at the fair. "Red Beauty from Xiangshan has a great reputation."

Crabs from Ningbo are also popular among customers at the fair.

"I live in Xiaoshan district in Hangzhou, but I’m a big fan of Ningbo seafood. These crabs look strong," said a customer surnamed Yu, who ordered two crabs without even asking the price.