Ningbo Marathon to be held in late December

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated:  December 12, 2023 L M S


The uniforms for male and female runners and a special cape for the 2023 Ningbo Marathon are displayed during a press conference held in Ningbo on Dec 11. [Photo/Ningbo Daily] 

The 2023 Ningbo Marathon will be held in Jiangbei district in Ningbo, Zhejiang province on Dec 31, according to local authorities.

The event includes full, half, and mini marathons. Fifteen thousand runners will attend, with 3,000 in the full marathon, 6,000 in the half-marathon, and 6,000 in the mini-marathon.

Registration for the event lasted from Dec 2 to 6. Fifteen thousand people will be picked out of a lottery of 20,282 applicants.

They will set out from the Ningbo Olympic Sports Center and run through numerous neighborhoods, including Yaojing River, Guanshan River, Cicheng New City, and Cijiang River, experiencing everything Jiangbei district has to offer. Music and dance performances will be held along the way.

Each runner will receive a gift bag that includes tickets to four scenic areas – Cicheng Ancient County Town, Baoguo Temple, Daren Village, and Green Field Manor – as well as hotel coupons.

A total of 300,000 yuan ($41,812) will go to this year's winners. Male runners who finish the full marathon competition within three hours and female runners who finish within three and a half hours will be awarded special capes to celebrate their achievements.

Medical teams will also be ready to help participants in case of emergency. Twenty medical sites have been set up along the course and 21 ambulances, 150 medical workers, and 76 automated external defibrillators will be on standby.