Carbon sink forest demonstration areas established in Uxin Banner

Updated: 2022-07-08 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

The first carbon sink forest demonstration area in Uxin Banner in the city of Ordos in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region was recently built on the State-owned Wudinghe Forest Farm.

It was jointly built by the No 1 Gas Production Plant of Changqing Oilfield Company, the Uxin Banner Forestry and Grassland Bureau, and the Uxin Banner State-owned Wudinghe Forest Farm.

The demonstration area is designed to cover an area of 600 mu (40 hectares), and is expected to achieve an annual output of 442 metric tons of carbon sinks, equivalent to reducing the consumption of standard coal by 170 tons each year.

Since March this year, Changqing Oilfield Company has started planting pine sylvestris and spruce on a large scale.

By the end of May, nearly 64,000 saplings had been planted, helping offset the company's carbon emissions and improve the local environment.

"The construction of a carbon sink forest will promote cooperation between forest farms and enterprises and encourage enterprises, especially industrial enterprises, to participate in the construction of a carbon sink forest and implement the 'double carbon' responsibility," said Lyu Qi, head of Uxin Banner's forestry and grassland bureau.

In recent years, Uxin Banner has adhered to the concept of green development, increased green area, and built a number of autonomous region-level green mines.

The forest and vegetation coverage rates in Uxin Banner have reached 32.92 percent and 80 percent, respectively.