Ordos launches policies to boost enterprise R&D

Updated: 2022-07-13 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

The city of Ordos in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently launched a series of policies to benefit high-tech enterprises.

According to the policies, 75 percent of expenses incurred by enterprises in conducting scientific research and development activities can be deducted pre-tax, while 100 percent of scientific research and development expenses of qualified manufacturing enterprises and small and medium-sized technology enterprises can be deducted pre-tax.

National high-tech enterprises are subject to a reduced corporate income tax rate of 15 percent.

Meanwhile, a subsidy of 50,000 yuan ($7,501.88) will be given to the national technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises that have been included in the enterprise library for two consecutive years.

A subsidy of 200,000 yuan will be given to national high-tech enterprises that have set up operations in Ordos.

Autonomous region-level technology innovation centers will be given a subsidy of no less than 5 million yuan per year for five consecutive years.

Autonomous region-level key laboratories will be able to obtain a subsidy of no less than 2 million yuan per year for five consecutive years.

A one-time subsidy of 1 million yuan will be given to newly-established academician and expert workstations based on enterprises, and a maximum operating subsidy of 500,000 yuan will also be given every year.

For R&D institutions built by enterprises that are identified as national and autonomous region-level enterprise R&D centers, a one-time reward of 3 million yuan and 300,000 yuan will be given, respectively.

Twenty percent of research and development funds of new research and development institutions led by the enterprise will be awarded to the institutions, with a maximum of 5 million yuan.

For enterprises undertaking national science and technology plan projects, subsidies will be given at the rate of 10 percent of the national special appropriation amount.

In addition, Ordos will implement the corporate science and technology commissioner action, which is expected to provide enterprises with a full range of scientific and technological innovation services such as policy consultation, project declaration, and scientific and technological research and development.