Dairy industry drives Ordos city's development

Updated: 2022-09-21 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

In line with the implementation of the dairy industry revitalization strategy, that sector in Ordos city – located in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region – is growing rapidly and playing a more important and dynamic role in driving local development.

In recent years, Ordos has boosted its growth as a modern, large-scale and quality milk production hub and it has continued to expand the planting area of forage for dairy cows to graze on.

As a result, it has maintained steady growth in dairy livestock inventories and in milk output and the total output value of the city's dairy industry reached 1.8 billion yuan ($270.07 million) at the end of last year.

Efforts have been made to cultivate high-quality feed, introduce cattle with greater milk production capacity, expand the size of pastures and extend the dairy industry supply chain.

At present, the city has established 60 alfalfa forage bases each with a planting area of 500 mu and 11 forage processing enterprises.

The planting area of high-quality grass silage corn, alfalfa and oats in Ordos has reached 1.5 million mu, while the annual supply of high-quality silage corn is 3 million metric tons and that of alfalfa hay is 350,000 tons.

To guarantee the quality of the cattle, Ordos has continued to expand its investment in importing prime-quality cattle and frozen sperm embryos.

Since 2020, Ordos has introduced around 20,000 cattle from Australia and New Zealand, adding 20 tons of milk per day in production.

Currently, the level of cattle with good or excellent quality in Ordos exceeds 90 percent.

In terms of pastures, since 2020, a total of 10 large pastures have been established or are under development there. Of these, seven have been established and three are being prepared.

After all 10 farms start production, the city's dairy cow population will increase by 98,000 and milk output will increase by 300,000 tons.

With all the development in progress, Ordos is projected to achieve its goal of having a total herd of 120,000 dairy cows and producing more than 400,000 tons of milk in 2022.

To boost its milk processing sector, the city has 91 dairy product processing workshops that have applied for registration and two companies have received approval.

In 2021 alone, the total output value of the city's dairy products industry reached 250 million yuan, providing job opportunities for more than 800 people.