Ordos signs great deals at ICIF

Updated: 2023-06-13 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print


The Ordos exhibition area at the ICIF is popular among visitors. [Photo/Ordos Media Center]

The 19th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair recently wrapped up, with exhibitors from across the country converging to showcase their unique cultural offerings.

Among the most impressive displays was the 240-square-meter exhibition area set up by the city of Ordos in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, which was themed "Meeting on the Grassland, Falling in Love with the Warm City."

The exhibition highlighted the city's cultural tourism products, traditional heritage crafts, and stunning natural scenery.

Throughout the event, the Ordos exhibition attracted over 500,000 visits to experience the richness of Ordos culture.

One of the exhibition's highlights was the digital museum created by the Ordos Museum, which utilized 3D technology to bring 267 of its artifacts to life.

Visitors were able to experience and engage with the artifacts more effectively using a touch screen or mobile phone while also enjoying a VR experience that allowed them to explore seven virtual exhibition halls of Ordos Museum.


A dance performance is staged at the Ordos exhibition area of the ICIF. [Photo/Ordos Media Center]

Another major crowd-pleaser was the performance by the renowned Ulan Muqir art troupe, whose traditional Mongolian dance and musical performance earned enthusiastic applause and admiration from the audience.

In the cultural tourism product display area, nearly 300 pieces of culturally relevant handcrafted items, cashmere products, and customized ceramics were displayed, showcasing the success of Ordos' flourishing cultural industry and providing visitors with an authentic experience of the area's rich cultural heritage.

The local traditional crafts were also on display, with the famous Ordos skin carvings and embroidery products attracting much interest and sales. Other noteworthy traditional crafts, including paper-cutting, pyrography and painting, and classic handmade fabric, were presented as "heritage + cultural creations" that blended traditional craftsmanship with modern design to create new and exciting products.

During this year's Ordos exhibition, over 193,000 yuan ($27,068.72) worth of cultural and heritage-themed products was sold on-site, while 1.28 million yuan in orders were signed.


Visitors sample VR equipment at the Ordos exhibition area of the ICIF. [Photo/Ordos Media Center]