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Zero-carbon industrial park construction in Ordos reaches new heights

Updated: 2024-02-02 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

The national standard project for the "Guidelines for the Construction of Low-Carbon Industrial Parks," promoted by the Ordos bureau of market regulation, was recently officially launched.

The upcoming project, set to enter the drafting phase soon, will further promote the integration of standardization and technological innovation in zero-carbon industries.

It marks a new milestone in the construction of zero-carbon industrial parks in Ordos, a city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

This will play a crucial role in driving the transformation and upgrading of Inner Mongolia's energy, industrial, and economic structures.

In recent years, the Ordos bureau of market regulation has not only thoroughly summarized its experiences on developing zero-carbon industrial parks but also promoted the implementation of three Inner Mongolia local standards, namely the "Evaluation Method for Green Power Application," "Norms for the Construction of Zero-Carbon Industrial Parks," and "Measurement and Evaluation Standards for Zero-Carbon Industrial Parks."

These efforts represent the first set of local standards for zero-carbon industrial parks issued by a local government in China, filling a domestic void in this field.