Ordos makes debut on list of top 100 cities in national urban innovation capacity

Updated: 2024-02-18 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

The city of Ordos made its debut on the list of the 100 cities in national urban innovation capacity, marking its entry into the ranks of China's elite innovation-driven cities.

The 2023 National Innovation City Innovation Capacity Evaluation Report was recently released by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Technology.

This report is an essential part of China's innovation investigation system.

By monitoring and evaluating an indicator system from five aspects, namely innovation governance, original innovation capacity, technological innovation capacity, achievement transformation capacity, and innovation-driven capacity, the report stands as the most authoritative evaluation of innovation capacity in China.

In recent years, Ordos has implemented the strategy of innovation-driven development, persisting in its dual-drive of resources and innovation.

Initiatives such as "Building a First-Class Innovation System Implementation Plan" and the "Three-Year Action Plan for Talent and Science and Technology Innovation-Driven Development in Ordos City" have been introduced.

Both the city and its districts have established leadership groups for science and technology innovation, fostering a coordinated working environment across the entire city.

Ordos has also comprehensively implemented the "30 New Policies for Science and Technology" and revealed the "Talent New Policy 2.0", which support the city's "1+N" policy system for scientific and technological innovation.

The "30 New Policies for Science and Technology" have disbursed funds totaling 741 million yuan ($101.51 million), benefiting over 600 innovative entities.

A mechanism for increasing fiscal investment in science and technology has also been established.

In 2023, the city's fiscal expenditure on science and technology reached 1.6 billion yuan, growing by 30 percent and ranking first in Inner Mongolia. The city's total social expenditure on research and development amounted to 4.41 billion yuan, marking a 14 percent increase.