Tourism market in Ordos thrives during Spring Festival holiday

Updated: 2024-02-20 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print


Ordos welcomes huge crowds of tourists during the Spring Festival holiday. [Photo/Nuan News]

During the eight-day Spring Festival holiday, the city of Ordos welcomed a total of 3.35 million visits, marking a staggering 5.83-fold increase compared to 2023.

The tourism revenue generated during this period soared to an impressive 2.73 billion yuan ($373.97 million), surging by 9.27 times compared to the previous year.

Throughout the city, key scenic areas received a total of 561,200 visits, generating operational revenues of 20.79 million yuan.

Notably, destinations such as Gathering Paradise, the Jiucheng Palace Grassland Manhan Cultural and Tourism Area, and the Ordos Cultural Industry Park, showcased a splendid array of cultural and tourism activities, drawing in crowds and creating a new trend in the cultural and tourism market.