ONE MIKE Cross-border Experience Center

Updated: 2024-04-03 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

ONE MIKE Cross-border Experience Center was introduced by Shuian Xincheng Construction Investment Co in Ejin Horoo Banner of Ordos city and established by Ordos Comprehensive Bonded Zone Import and Export Trading Co .

It currently operates in a total area of 280 square meters and has gathered over 4,000 high-quality and popular imported goods from more than 40 countries worldwide.

The goods include makeup and skincare products, luxury brands, imported wines, food, baby products, nutritional supplements, and household items.

All products in the center are supervised by the customs authorities, and international goods have been certified by China Inspection & Certification Group. It is also strategically collaborating with online mall partner, Southern Airlines Cross-border Company, to conduct overseas procurement.

"Previously, I used to buy imported goods through online agents, which was not very convenient,” said Jiang Qingsong, a resident of the Shuian Xincheng Residential Community, while selecting goods.

"However, after this physical store opened right in my neighborhood, I found that the prices are cheaper than the online agents, and the products are genuine," Jiang added.