Bawan Expressway's longest bridge completed | Updated: Oct 15,2020
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On Oct 12, with the erection of the last T-beam, the longest bridge of the Bawan Expressway – Chenjiahe Grand Bridge – was completed.

The Chenjiahe Grand Bridge is located in Chuanshiliang village of Yuntan township and Yujiahe village of Zhibao township in Tongjiang county, Bazhong city. 

The left lane of the bridge is 1,251.21 meters long, the right lane is 1,044.66 meters long and the main bridge has a maximum span of 40 meters. The main pier is 74 meters high.

To date, 114 main bridges on the Bawan Expressway have been constructed (including single-frame bridges). The erection of girders, bridge deck paving, road asphalt paving, electrical and mechanical engineering and traffic safety engineering are being fully promoted.