First 35-kV power distribution substation put into operation in Tongjiang | Updated: Dec 03,2020
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The first 35-kilovolt power distribution substation of Sichuan province was recently put into operation in Changping town, Tongjiang county.

The completion of the substation greatly optimizes the 35-kV electric power grid structure in the Changping and Tiexi areas of Tongjiang county and effectively shortens the 10-kV power supply radius. It also improves the reliability and quality of the line power supply for end users.

Compared with ordinary distribution stations, 35-kV distribution substations have numerous advantages: They occupy a small area of land, are low cost and convenient to operate and maintain. The substations also have a short construction period and offer quick returns on investment. 

They can effectively solve problems such as the excessively long power supply radius of distribution lines and low voltage in remote mountainous areas. 

The new substation shortens the 10-kV power supply radius of Changping and Tiexi areas from 35 km to 14 km, which helps solve the "low voltage" problem for 842 households in 15 substation areas.