Nanjiang county injects vitality into investment promotion | Updated: Jan 21,2021
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Nanjiang county has set up investment promotion projects in leading industrial chains of "culture and tourism, healthcare services, featured agriculture, and new energy/materials". Since 2020, 11 key projects such as Lanrun Group's whole-industrial-chain pig farming and culture and sports complexes have been established and 11 companies with a total investment of 6.846 billion yuan have been brought in.  

Following the business models of "online + offline" and "going-out + bringing-in", Nanjiang county has signed eight projects via family/friends promotion, online promotion, and themed promotion; launched 24 batches of "going-out" promotions, worked with 50 well-known companies, and investigated 20 prospective "bringing-in" projects.  

The Measures to Encourage Investment by Nanjiang County and other policies have been released, and a "one company - one policy - one team" system has been implemented. Nanjiang county carried out the "one-stop" service model with green channel access by adopting measures such as "seamless" connections, "family-like" visits and "personalized" services. To date, the county has conducted more than 10 symposiums for companies, inspected more than 50 key companies, and resolved 86 company issues.