Wangping Scenic Area | Updated: Mar 15,2021
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Wangping Scenic Area is located in Wangping village, Tongjiang county. [Photo provided to]

This 4.2 square kilometer scenic spot is located in Wangping village, Tongjiang county. The largest Red Army martyrs' cemetery in the country -- the Sichuan-Shaanxi Revolutionary Base Red Army Martyrs Cemetery, which contains the only martyrs' tombstones built by the Red Army for its sacrificed comrades, the tombstones of the heroic martyrs of the Fourth Red Army Front -- and Chihua Quanchuan, the most famous stone slogan, are located in the area.

The Red Army Martyrs Cemetery is a national key cultural relic protection unit, a national key martyrs' memorial building protection unit, a national patriotism education demonstration base and one of the 100 classic red tourism scenic spots. It is also located on one of the country's 30 red tourism boutique routes.

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