Bazhong Economic Development Zone | Updated: Mar 23,2021
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Bazhong Economic Development Zone is an industrial park cultivated with an operating income of over 50 billion yuan in Sichuan province. [Photo provided to]

Bazhong Economic Development Zone is an industrial park in Sichuan province with an operating income of more than 50 billion yuan. It has been rated as one of the most valuable industrial parks in Sichuan and a model for the province's green development. 

It covers an area of 101 square kilometers, including a planned area of 55 square kilometers and construction area of 40 square kilometers. 

The park's leading industries are biomedicine, electronic information, new graphite materials, building materials, home furnishings, textiles and garments, and machinery manufacturing. 

More than 600 companies such as Timemaker, Tianjiang Pharmaceutical Co, Bazhong Yike Carbon Corp., Ltd, and Yuxi Electronics have settled in. The park supports projects and guarantees services; speeds up the construction of modern, industrial, livable new cities; and makes every effort to form a national economic and technological development zone. It is also striving to create an administrative center, economic center, and innovation center for the future development of Bazhong.