Bazhou Industrial Park | Updated: Mar 23,2021
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Bazhou Industrial Park [Photo provided to]

Bazhou Industrial Park is located in Qingjiang town, Bazhou district, a site with convenient transportation and outstanding regional advantages. It is about 1 km from the Qingjiang Exit of Bawan Expressway in the east, adjacent to the Bazhong Economic Development Zone in the west, and near provincial highway 202 in the north. The overall size of the park is 10.8 square kilometers.

More than 2,000 acres of land have been leveled and 60,000 square meters of workshops have been built. The park's leading industries are modern Chinese medicine, mechanical and electronic manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and environmental protection equipment manufacturing. A number of high-quality enterprises have settled there, such as Shenzhen Jingyijing Technology Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Huashengchang Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.