Party's hard work bears fruit

China Daily | Updated: Jun 29,2021
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Left to right: Xiao Pei, Xu Yousheng, Guo Yezhou, Han Wenxiu.

Since the 2014 launch of the Sky Net anti-corruption operation, 9,165 fugitives, including 2,408 Party members and government staff members, have been brought back from 120 countries and regions, and 21.74 billion yuan ($3.37 billion) in embezzled funds has been recovered, a senior disciplinary official with the Communist Party of China said on Monday.

Additionally, 60 of the 100 most-wanted fugitives, who were the subject of Interpol Red Notices, have been brought back to China, Xiao Pei, deputy head of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC and the National Commission of Supervision, said at a news conference in Beijing.

According to Xiao, between December 2012 and May this year, disciplinary inspection and supervisory bodies investigated 392 officials at or above the provincial or ministerial level and 22,000 at the bureau level.

About 170,000 officials at the county level and 616,000 at the township level also were investigated during this period, Xiao said.

During the same period, anti-corruption bodies nationwide dealt with 626,500 violations of the eight-point regulation on improving Party and government conduct and engaging in bureaucratism, formalism and hedonism or extravagant practices.

Xiao also said the achievements made in governing the Party in the new era have provided strong political guidance and guaranteed the realization of the Party's first centenary goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

A survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics at the end of last year found that 95.8 percent of people are confident in the enforcement of strict Party governance and the curbing of corruption, a 16.5 percent increase over the 2012 survey.

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