Party membership continues to grow ahead of centenary | Updated: Jun 30,2021
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A ceremony of new Party members taking the oath to join the Party is held in Beijing, on June 22, 2021. [Photo/Xinhua]

Membership in the Communist Party of China has exceeded 95 million, the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee announced on Wednesday.

In a report released ahead of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC on July 1, the department said that as of June 5, the CPC has 95.148 million members and 4.864 million primary-level Party organizations.

Membership increased by 3.5 percent compared to the end of 2019, and was about 20 times higher than in 1949, when New China was founded.

Over the past century, the CPC has seen membership increase to more than 95 million from just around 50 when it was founded in 1921.

Between January and June this year, 2.31 million people from various walks of life joined the Party, injecting fresh blood and demonstrating the Party's vitality.

Data showed that 24.9 percent of Party members were aged 35 or younger, a 0.7 percentage point rise on that at the end of 2019.

The structure and educational level of Party membership has continuously improved, the report showed. There has been a steady growth in the numbers of female members and people from ethnic groups, who now comprise 28.8 percent and 7.5 percent of Party members, respectively. In terms of occupations, workers and farmers remain in the leading position, accounting for 33.9 percent of the total.