Investment guide of Bazhong city (2020) | Updated: Sep 09,2021
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Dreaming Bazhong / Optimal City  

Bazhong people, inheriting the past and forging ahead into the future, are making endeavors to work hard to bring the light of wealth shining in this ancient land.

1. Qinling-Dabashan central city 

Bazhong is one of the three central cities in Qinling-Dabashan Area, which is located at the west of China and northeast of Sichuan Basin, and at the southern foot of Micang Mountain of Daba mountain chain at the intersection of Sichuan and Shaanxi. It governs two districts, three counties and two provincial economic development zones with an area of 12,300 square kilometers and a population totaling 3.8 million. It was established as a region in 1993 and a city in 2000. 

2. Inheriting the culture of Ba People 

Bazhong was the central area where Ba people conducted activities in ancient times. With a history of three millenniums, Micang Ancient Path, connecting Qinling-Longshan and reaching Sichuan and Chongqing, integrated unique Ba culture, folk culture, tea culture and red culture.  

Here poets chanted, heroes emerged, folks lived and businessmen operated harmoniously, which created grand and profound histories and cultures. It possesses brilliant stone-carving crafts such as Southern Niches Cliffside Statues; Enyang Ancient Town, the"architectural complex model in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)", is the lively Ba culture relics museum; numerous talents of generations such as the astronomer Zhang Sixun in Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), global civilian educator Y.C.James Yen and early proletarian revolutionist Liu Bojian, etc.; and intangible cultural heritages represented by Bashan porters' ballads, Fanshan Jiaozi, Bashan paper cutting and Bazhong shadow puppet witness the brilliant history and civilization of Ba people. 

3. Economic and social status

In 2019, the GDP in Bazhong totaled RMB 75.429 billion, an increase of 6.0 percent over the previous year calculated at comparable prices; in terms of industries, the added value of the primary industry reached RMB 12.4 billion, an increase of 2.6 percent; the added value of the secondary industry reached RMB 24.212 billion, an increase of 2.9 percent; the added value of the tertiary industry reached RMB 38.817 billion, an increase of 9.3 percent.

The added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 3.4 percent over the previous year; the total retail amount of social consumer goods reached RMB 34.706 billion, an increase of 8.0 percent over the previous year; the per capita disposable income of residents was RMB 21,444 (including RMB 33,663 for urban residents), an increase of 9.8 percent over the previous year; per capita living consumption expenditure was RMB 16,324 (including RMB 24,112 for urban residents), an increase of 8.9 percent; the volume of goods transported throughout the year reached 44.241 million tons, an increase of 11.6 percent over the previous year; at the end of the year, financial institutions possessed deposit balance of RMB 129.815 billion, an increase of 4.1 percent over the previous year, and loan balance of RMB 80.43 billion, an increase of 12.3percent.

Dreaming Bazhong / Advantageous Environment

In ancient times, it was hard to pass Qinguan and Shu Path, but now, we are able to reach everywhere. "Hub" and "Smoothness" were hard to combine with Bazhong in the past, now they are the criteria of the city.

1. Satisfactory traffic conditions 

Bazhong is located at the center of China's territory and in the geometric center of the three major cities of Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi'an. Since ancient times, it has been a traffic artery connecting Shaanxi and southwest China, with the Micang Ancient Road passing from the south to the north. 

Today Bazhong, with an aim of building a "Sichuan eastward and northward exit comprehensive traffic hub", implements the third round of transportation construction campaign, and creates a "6631" comprehensive transportation system. Hanzhong  Bazhong-Nanchong Railway is under construction, and 6 expressways are in motion, forming a 3h transportation circle to Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi'an. Enyang Airport, which has been opened to traffic with 10 routes to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. , is becoming an important strategic channel connecting Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Zone, the Central Plains Economic Zone and the Guanzhong-Tianshui Economic Zone in the construction of twin-city economic circle of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle.

2. Drawing the landscape full of oxygen 

The forest coverage rate has reached 62.5 percent, and the number of negative oxygen ions in key forest areas averaged more than 10,000/cubic meters; the annual average temperature is 17℃, the light hours are 1,462 hours, and the days with good air quality exceed 340 days a year.

Bazhong - "China's Climate Healthcare Capital", Guangwu Mountain · Nuoshuihe - the world's geological park, Tongjiang - the strong provincial tourism county, and Nanjiang - "Candidate of Tianfu Tourism Famous County" all enjoy widespread renown. Twenty national AAAA scenic spots and four national forest parks such as Tianma Mountain of Bazhou and Pingchang Water Village are the pearls inlaid in the landscape of Bazhong. 

3. Abundant characteristic resources

The whole city possesses the cultivated land of 4.912 million mu (3,274.7 square kilometers) and forest land of 10.72 million mu; the annual planting area of grain and economic crop is 7.6 million mu, the output exceeds 1.9 million tons; and more than 2,400 species of wild animals and plants, among which, 98 varieties of genuine regional medicinal materials were recorded in the National Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Medicine Processing Regulations of Sichuan.

With 367 agricultural products certified with "Pollution-free agricultural product, green food, organic agricultural product and geographical indication of agricultural product" , Bazhong is reputed as "The Hometown of White Fungus in China", "The Hometown of Nanjiang Yellow Goats in China" , "The Hometown of Natural Selenium-enriched Tea in China", "The Hometown of Honeysuckle in China", "The Hometown of Walnuts in China" and "Hometown of Asparagus in China". 

Bazhong is abundant in mineral resources. There are more than 50 types of proven mineral resources with development and utilization value, including coal, iron, natural gas, granite and nepheline. Among them, the proven graphite ore reserves are more than 83.37 million tons and the prospective reserves are over 300 million tons. The city boasts natural gas reserves of 1.4 trillion m3, dolomite reserves of 150 million tons, granite reserves of 1 billion cubic meters, nepheline reserves of 21 million tons, potash feldspar of 16 million tons, quartz of 1 billion tons, gypsum of 80 million tons, phosphate rock of 5.14 million tons, and the total coal reserves of 60 million tons.

4. Industrial pattern planning

Four characteristic agriculture: 

In recent years, the CPC Bazhong Municipal Committee and Municipal People's Government have attached great importance to the development of agriculture through vigorous development of "four characteristic agriculture" of tea, walnuts, authentic medicinal materials, and ecological breeding. Agricultural supply-side structural reforms continue to be deepened in Bazhong. For more agglomerated and intensive industrial development, a batch of special agricultural bases will be scientifically distributed in the high-altitude eco-green planting area, the medium  altitude special breeding area, and the suburban low-rise three-industry integration security area. By 2022, the modern agricultural comprehensive output will amount to RMB 17 billion. 

Four new industries:  

With focus on "industries, enterprises and parks", we give full play to resource advantages of regional characteristic agricultural products, authentic medicinal materials, graphite, natural gas and so forth, and realize breakthrough in the four new-type industries, namely food and beverage, biomedicine, new energy and new materials, and electronic information. Bazhong promote the food and beverage industry via centering on fine and deep processing of liquor, beverages and special agricultural products; select leading varieties, optimize regional layout, enlarge industrial scale, improve sophisticated processing, and push forward the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine based on authentic medicinal resources. It boosts the comprehensive development and utilization of natural gas and the research & development and production of new graphite materials based on natural gas, graphite and other advantageous resources; seizes opportunities such as industrial transfer in developed regions and the transformation of new generation information technology, and supports the introduction and cluster development of the electronic information industry. It focuses on the medium and high end of the value chain and builds a modern digital industry system based on the Internet, big data, and cloud computing; advances the construction of professional parks such as Pingchang liquor, Qinling-Dabashan medicine, Tongjiang tea, Nanjiang yellow goats, Enyang food, Qinling-Dabashan electronic information and Bazhong new material industrial park, and builds a 50-billion industry of food and beverage and three 10-billion industries of biomedicine, new energy and new materials, and electronic information. Every effort is made to create a western green food and beverage base, a biomedical base, an electronic information foreign trade export base, and a national natural gas comprehensive development and utilization demonstration base.

Four modern services:

By highlighting the unique brand positioning of "Landscape Picture·Beautiful Bazhong", the city vigorously develops the four modern service industries including tourism, healthcare, business & logistics, and cultural & creativity. No efforts are spared to forge a national all-region tourism demonstration zone, a national pilot city of tourism standardization, and a Sichuan demonstration zone of red tourism integration development. 

Steps are quickened to build national famous tourism destination and forest healthcare destination. The development of all-region tourism is boosted with five prominent gold-lettered brands of "landscape, scenery, red, humanities and healthcare" based on the endowment of tourism resources. Oriented by multi-modal transport and intensive development, the construction of modern logistics parks such as Enyang Aviation Logistics Park and Highway & Railway Logistics Park of Bazhong Economic Development Zone speeds up, and steps are quickened to form a modern logistic channel system integrating into first-tier cities based on airports, reaching other places based on Wanzhou Port and going abroad based on Chengdu-Europe Express Rail. Bazhong urbanization is accelerated and industries develop rapidly, providing broad market space for modern service industries.

5. Superior demographic dividends 

Bazhong, at the center of the "Golden Triangle" of Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi'an, has obvious regional advantages and strong market radiation power. Within a radius of 300km centered on Bazhong, there are 3 megalopolises, 9 middle-sized cities, and 40 county cities with a population of 150 million, including urban population of nearly 40 million. As the central city of Qinling-Dabashan regional development and poverty relief and the central city of the former Sichuan-Shaanxi Soviet Area, Bazhong takes multiple policy opportunities including concentrated poverty-relief and development of the Qinling-Dabashan area, and revitalization planning for the Sichuan-Shaanxi old revolutionary bases. It has obvious late-mover advantages, great development potential and broad investment prospect.

Settling in Bazhong / High-quality Parks 

It is the inevitable path of modern industry, and the broad road for Bazhong to make a stride. Based on local conditions, it makes use of the unique advantage of resources; led by the landforms, it sticks to the ecological red lines with green mountains and clean water.

1. Bazhong Economic Development Zone 

Bazhong Economic Development Zone is a key industrial park in Sichuan province with operating revenues of more than RMB 50 billion and is rated as the "Belt and Road Initiative · Sichuan's most valuable industrial park for investment" and "Sichuan model city for green development".

The Park covers an area of 101 square kilometers, including a planned area of 55 square kilometers, and a construction land of 40 sq km. This park is dominated by biomedicine, electronic information, new graphite materials, building materials and home furnishing, textile and clothing, and machinery manufacturing. More than 600 enterprises including Timemaker, Sinopharm Tianjiang, Yike Carbon, and Yuxi Electronics have settled in. The park, supported by project and guaranteed by service, accelerates the construction of modern industrial new cities and livable new cities, positively creates a national economic and technological development zone, and intensifies efforts to build an administrative center, economic center, and innovation center for the future development of Bazhong.              

2. Pingchang Economic Development Zone 

Pingchang Economic Development Zone, established with the approval of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government in January 2019, covers a construction approved area of 300.38 hectares and governs Xingguang Area, Majiaping-Hejiaping Area and Sima Area. It gives priority to the development of "3+1" leading industries of liquor & food, machinery manufacturing, clean energy and agricultural products deep processing. Now, over 80 enterprises have settled in, including Guangyi Motorcycle, Yuxiang Mechanics, Yuanhong Xiaojiaolou Liquor, and Huayou Zhonglan. It is predicted that more than 140 enterprises will settle in at the end of 14th Five Year period (2021-25).

3. Bazhou Industrial Park 

Bazhou Industrial Park enjoys convenient transportation and outstanding regional advantages as it is situated in Qingjiang town, Bazhou district, about 1 km from the Qingjiang Exit of Bazhong-Wanyuan Expressway in the east, adjacent to Bazhong Economic Development Zone in the west, and linking with Provincial Highway 202 in the north.

On a total planned area of 10.8 square kilometers with more than 2,000 mu of leveled land and 60,000 sq km of factory buildings, the park is dominated by modern Chinese medicine, mechanical and electronic manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and environmental protection equipment manufacturing, with a batch of quality enterprises including Shenzhen Jingyijing Technology Co. , Ltd. , and Shenzhen Everbest Machinery Industry Co. , Ltd. (CEM) settled in.     

4. Enyang Industrial Park 

Enyang Industrial Park is composed of Liulin Food Industrial Park and Mingyang Small and Micro Enterprise Entrepreneurship Park. With a planned area 11.4 square kilometers, Liulin Food Industrial Park, dominated by food & beverage, and biomedicine, is a modern food and drug industrial demonstration base and a returning-home entrepreneurship park integrating product research & development, production and processing, inspection and quarantine, and cold chain logistics distribution. Sichuan Haocaitou, Lanrun Group, Hupopo Food, Baishun Pharmaceutical, Tianguo Agriculture and other quality enterprises have settled in. 

It is named among the "first batch of provincial agricultural product processing demonstration parks" and "the second batch of Sichuan characteristic industrial (food and beverage) bases". 

Mingyang Small and Micro Enterprise Entrepreneurship Park, with a planned area of one sq km , mainly settles urban demolition enterprises and incubating innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises. Lin'er Clothes, Nanjinwang Furniture, Kangyi Printing, etc. are successively completed and put into operation. The park can accommodate 50 enterprises. 

5. Nanjiang Dongyu Industrial Park 

Dongyu Industrial Park in Nanjiang county has been successfully declared as a Sichuan demonstration base for new industrialization industry. Close to the Nanjiang South Entrance and Exit of the Bazhong-Shaanxi Expressway, the park has a planned area of 10 square kilometers and completed standardized workshops of 36,000 sq km, It consists of core area of Dongyu Industrial Park, Leba SME Concentration Area and Pinghe New Material Industrial Park. Its leading industries are green food, biomedicine, new energy and new materials. 30 enterprises have settled in, among which 25 enterprises like Conch Cement, Nanhui Building Materials, Dejian Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and Shuxin Electric have been completed and put into operation.

6. Tongjiang Chunzai Industrial Park

Tongjiang Chunzai Industrial Park is located in the south of Tongjiang county, 5 km away from the urban area with Tongjiang-Dazhou Highway and Tongjiang-Pingchang Highway passing through. It has been successfully built as "Sichuan Characteristic Industrial Demonstration Base" and " the first batch of '5+1' industrial park in Sichuan province. The park, covering a planned area of 10 square kilometers, and the built-up area of nearly 2 sq km, is dominated by organic food and beverage, biomedicine, clean energy and electronic information. 34 enterprises in total have settled in the park, and 15 enterprises including Bashan Husbandry, Qiangu Mushroom, Bashan Mawang, V-PACK Industry, Yiyao Liangfang Pharmaceutical have been completed and put into production.  

Trading in Bazhong / Favorable Policy 

Land cost

land cost.png  

Electricity price

electricity price.png    

Water price

Water for industry is RMB 4.60 per cubic meter, and water for special industry is RMB 6.46 per cu m (including sewage treatment fee, garbage disposal fee, water resource fee). 

Gas price

Non-resident gas is RMB 2.90 per cu m  

Labor price

The minimum wage of Bazhong city is RMB 1,650 per month, and the minimum wage of part-time working hour is RMB 17.4 per hour.

Preferential policy                           

1. Strengthen financial support for major investment promotion industry project. In case the project is constructed, invested and goes into operation within the agreed period, the finance at the same level will arrange the funds to give reward according to a certain proportion in line with the contribution to the local finance in the current year. For special major industrial projects with an investment of more than RMB 500 million, policies shall be formulated in accordance with the approach of "one discussion for one case". 

2. Priority is given to guarantee the land for investment promotion projects. For key industrial projects with an investment of more than RMB 1 billion, the "single" required land for construction can be provided. Industrial projects are rewarded by finance respectively at the same level according to the total investment in fixed assets and the intensity of investment. 

3. Reduce the cost of production factors. In case those in-service employees of enterprises participate in the training of new apprenticeships and technicians in accordance with the relevant provisions of the central and provincial governments, and obtain vocational qualification certificates after training, a certain standard of vocational training subsidies will be given to employees or enterprises. 

4. Broaden the financing channels of enterprises. Increase financial input, and coordinate and integrate the city's SME financing guarantee fund, SME emergency transfer loan funds, microfinance guarantee insurance and other financial funds. For the key enterprises investing in Bazhong which meet the conditions and finance by the means of equity, creditor's right and asset securitization, discounts and rewards will be given.

5. Encourage enterprises to increase capital and expand capacity. Enterprises registered in Bazhong whose added main business income exceeds a certain amount in the second year after going into operation for more than one year will be rewarded by the local financial department at one time. Enterprises that upgrade old factories and old living facilities or expand new plant projects within the original land will be subsidized for the newly built part with RMB 50 per square meter. 

6. Support enterprise technology innovation. For the city-level academician (expert) workstation after one year of normal operation, the station subsidy will be given by the municipal finance after assessment. The newly registered start-up technology-based small and medium- sized enterprises will be given financial reward and subsidy for three consecutive years since they were identified. Newly-approved national and provincial-level innovative enterprises, enterprise R&D institutions and national high-tech enterprises will be given one-off financial assistance. 

7. Encourage the development of the headquarters economy. Implement by referring to the Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Headquarters Economy (Trial) . 

8. Support investment companies to go public. For enterprises which have already handled industrial and commercial registration in Bazhong City, and which are listed and publicly issue shares on the domestic and foreign (including overseas) main board, the start-up board, and the small and medium- sized board for the first time, a one-off subsidy will be given by the government. 

9. Support enterprises to open up markets. Investment enterprises which participate in the three major activities of "Sichuan Action of Preferential Shopping", "Sichuan Commodities in China", and "Enterprises Going abroad", as well as well-known professional exhibitions at home and abroad, and which build overseas marketing networks will be given support. Encourage enterprises to striving for brands. Enterprises which have obtained China's well-known trademarks, Sichuan famous brand products and Sichuan famous trademarks will be given one-off rewards. 

10. Effectively reduce the burden of enterprises. For enterprises which meet the preferential income tax conditions for the development of the western region, and the recognized high-tech enterprises shall be exempted from enterprise income tax within the scope of the policy. For the administrative fee collection items with floating range of the national collection standard, the standard lower limit shall be implemented. "Zero charge" is implemented for the provincial administrative fee collection related to enterprises. "Zero charge" policy is implemented for the new industrial enterprises, small and micro enterprises within the scope of executive power. 

Investment service

In line with the philosophy of "Service Superior to Preferential, Integrity Comes the First", we convene a symposium on coordination services between foreign companies and private enterprises every quarter, set up a municipal coordination service center for enterprise investment promotion, implement the agency mechanism for administrative approval procedures, the financial credit agent mechanism, the quick mechanism for public services, follow-up coordination and promotion mechanism; we are the pioneer in developing a "good and bad review" for the business environment in the country, and implementing administrative service reforms.