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CCTF, Tencent enhance Spring Bud girls' music literacy


The China Children and Teenagers' Fund (CCTF), Tencent and Tencent Music Entertainment Group recently hosted various activities in Beijing, under the Spring Bud Project — Dream of Future Action, to enhance Spring Bud girls' music literacy.

Thirty girls –– from Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, in Southwest China's Sichuan province, and Luquan Yi and Miao autonomous county, in Southwest China's Yunnan province –– participated in the five-day activities. They attended a music-training course and performed in a concert, with artists and other rural teenagers, on the stage of China National Opera House.


Spring bud girls pose for a group photo. [CCTF] 

Yang Qihu, vice-president of Tencent Music Entertainment Group, said the project was a good beginning to the cooperation between CCTF and Tencent Music. He said he hopes CCTF and Tencent Music will light up the dreams of more rural children through music, and that they will help children achieve better development in the future.

During the training course, two coaches, Di Xiaoxian and Yi Si, offered professional guidance. The coaches stimulated the artistic potential of the girls in a relaxing and pleasant learning atmosphere, and they helped the girls understand the power of music and improve their music skills.


Spring bud girls attend a music-training course. [CCTF] 

On August 14, the third Childhood on Ridge of Field concert was staged at China National Opera House. More than 1,800 rural teenagers, from nearly 70 schools in Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, Yunnan and Tibet, performed offline and online. The concert was livestreamed on more than 10 platforms, including China Media Group Mobile, QQ Music and WeChat.  

Clad in their traditional costumes, girls from Luquan sang a folk song of the Zhuang ethnic group. They also sang Day Lilies Flowers with girls from Liangshan. The children's chorus received applause.


Spring bud girls perform in the third Childhood on Ridge of Field concert. [CCTF]


The third Childhood on Ridge of Field concert is staged at China National Opera House on August 14. [CCTF] 

"It is my first time to visit Beijing, and to perform on such a beautiful stage. I felt excited and nervous in the beginning. Now, I have a strong sense of accomplishment. My parents also feel happy for me," Pan Jinran, a 13-year-old girl from Yunnan, said.

Zhang Xiao, a teacher from Luquan who accompanied the girls to Beijing, said she appreciated the opportunities for the girls to improve their music skills and broaden their horizons. She said she believes the experience will bring positive changes to the girls' learning and growth.

More activities will be held under the project to inspire Spring Bud girls to gain strength through music, and to receive more chances to excel in life, CCTF officials said.