Grateful radio hostess relays love of Spring Bud Project


"Hello, listeners. Welcome to Good Doctors in Heilongjiang, on Heilongjiang Traffic Radio,” Hu Liang, the program's hostess, greets her listeners nightly at 7:30 p.m. She has been doing her utmost to connect her listeners with medical experts, and to ensure rural residents have access to high-quality medical resources.

Hu is from a village in Wangkui, a county in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province. Hu had limited opportunities to embrace the world when she was young. Without the assistance of the Spring Bud Project, she wouldn't have become a radio hostess, and her voice wouldn't be heard daily by the public. 


Hu Liang is awarded the title of China Children's Charity Award — Spring Bud Star. (CCTF)

Hu liked singing and dancing, and as a young child she dreamed of demonstrating her artistic talent in the spotlight.

When she was a child, Hu had a chance meeting with an employee of Heilongjiang TV Station, who was collecting folk songs in Hu's hometown. After watching her performance, the employee recommended that Hu participate in the entrance examination for a placement on the choir of Harbin Children's Palace.

Hu's father gave her a nod to try. She passed the exam, and she began studying singing there, living with her relatives.

There was a major problem, however. Hu was not eligible to enroll in a local school. Hu often went to her cousin's school and listened to the teachers there. One day, a teacher noticed Hu and she reported Hu's circumstances to the school authority.

Impressed by Hu's sincerity and eagerness to acquire knowledge, the school's headmaster submitted a report to the local education bureau, which granted Hu admission to the school.


Hu Liang (CCTF)

Hu finally had the opportunity to study with her urban peers. However, the school's fees were a huge financial burden for Hu's family.

At the age of 13, Hu became a recipient of the Spring Bud Project, thanks to a Heilongjiang Women's Federation cadre, who often bought vegetables at Hu's father's vegetable stall.

The cadre introduced the project to him after she had learned of the family's economic situation.

With the cadre's help, Hu received financial assistance from the project, and that aid made it possible for Hu to complete her academic studies.

"At that time, I made up my mind to study hard, and to do my utmost to give back to society and pass on the love to others," she says.

In 2000, Hu was admitted to a university, majoring in music education. While she attended university, Hu took out a portion of her income, from a part-time job, to support impoverished children.

When she participated in a Spring Bud Project activity, during the winter vacation of her third year at university, Hu met a girl from Wangkui. Hu decided to help and support that girl after she learned the girl was about to quit school, in part because her family had to pay for her mother's three surgeries. Hu supported that girl for eight years.

Since she became a hostess on Heilongjiang Radio Station, in 2005, Hu has spared no effort when helping the underprivileged, including senior citizens and children from migrant families.

Throughout the years, she has arranged for her listeners to visit elderly people and orphans in welfare houses, and she has encouraged seniors to participate in volunteer activities. She has also donated books, and stationery, to children of migrant families.

"When you are helpless, it is very important for others to reach out to you and give you hope," Hu says. She stresses the significance of the Spring Bud Project, and especially how it has transformed her life. Therefore, she is committed to making the project widely known, and she is committed to rallying the strength of charity-minded individuals and organizations to help needy children realize their dreams.

Hu's participation in charitable activities has become a habit and pleasure, rather than a sense of mission and responsibility. Why? Hu says she has a keen understanding of the value of external assistance to those in need of social assistance.