​Spring Bud Project helps steer her life


"Spring Bud Project not only helped and supported my life and studies, but also made me feel the care and encouragement from society. I was deeply touched," says Wang Yunling, a recipient of the project from Central China's Hubei province. 

Wang says the project also provided her with the courage and confidence she needed to address various difficulties, and it helped her recognize the importance of mutual assistance among people.

Wang was born in Zaoyang, a county in Hubei, in 1997. She was an excellent student, and she looked forward to being offered placement in a key university.

Wang's parents fed their family by doing farm work and odd jobs, but their earnings could not cover both the family's daily needs and Wang's high school fees. Nevertheless, they worked hard, and they did their utmost to support Wang's education. Their commitment to her studies inspired Wang to study hard, so she would not let her parents down.


Wang Yunling at work

After they learned about her family's economic situation, teachers in her high school helped Wang apply for subsidy from the Spring Bud Project. That was during her first year at the school.

Wang recalls how she was excited, and happy, when she received the subsidy from the project. The subsidy was granted to her annually during her three years as a high school student.

Later, she wrote a letter to express her heartfelt thanks to the project, and she shared with other students her gratitude for and stories about the charitable program.

With the help of the project, Wang completed her high school education.


Wang Yunling gives a work report. 

Wang performed well in the national college-entrance exam, and she was admitted to Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL), in Wuhan, Hubei province.

Wang continued to study hard, and she received scholarships, and scientific and technological research awards, at ZUEL. During her time as a graduate student at ZUEL, she wrote two theses –– one on the health risks brought about by heavy metals in tobacco, and the other on the assessment of soil pollution –– and both were published in leading journals.

In July this year, after she graduated from ZUEL, Wang became an engineer in a large auto manufacturing firm. She is satisfied with her job, and she looks forward to breaking new ground, with concrete efforts, in the workplace. She says she will strive for excellence, consolidate professional knowledge, and enhance her technical skills in her pursuit of the craftsmanship spirit.


Wang Yunling visits an exhibition. 

Wang says the Spring Bud Project helped her grasp the opportunity to steer her life. "I am very grateful to have met the Spring Bud Project, which allowed me to receive an education and rely on knowledge to change my life," she adds.

Throughout the years, Wang has studied hard, acquired knowledge, and participated in various charitable and public-welfare activities. She has endeavored to become an upright person, with a thankful heart.

"I cherish my current life now. I will continue to work hard, with a grateful heart, and give back to society with practical actions. No matter what position I am in, I will stand on my own feet, and I will be a contributing member of society," Wang says.