Spring Bud girl dedicated to defending the country on the front lines


A female who has carried out interpretation work in the Mekong River's Golden Triangle many times; a policewoman sent by China's Ministry of Public Security to investigate situations in Thailand... Both the above are identity tags of Yi Yanjiao, from the public security bureau of the Xishuangbanna prefecture, Yunnan province.

From 2000 to 2003, Yi studied in the Spring Bud high school class of Yunnan Kunming Girls' High School.

Looking back at her growth path, she said that it was the time at the Spring Bud Project that inspired her to overcome difficulties and to step out of the Dai ethnic village and embark on a wonderful life journey.

The poor situation of her family once made Yi feel confused about her future. It was the Spring Bud Project that pulled her out of the trouble and gave her the chance to study in high school.

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Yi Yanjiao at work (CCTF)

Looking back at her time at the Spring Bud girl's class, she said it was the happiest period of her life.

"Especially in my senior year of high school, before the college entrance examination, the school gave each of us an extra bag of milk or soymilk and fresh fruit every day to ensure our daily nutritional intake. The school also bought nutritional goods for us sometimes," Yi said.

She cherished the valuable opportunity of studying, and she performed well academically. After graduating, she was admitted to Yunnan Minzu University to study the Thai language.

Speaking of the reason why she chose Thai as her major, Yi said that her hometown is adjacent to Thailand, so learning its language would be convenient for her to return to her hometown to work after graduation. She hoped that she could use her knowledge to better serve her hometown.

In 2007, Yi joined the public security bureau of Xishuangbanna prefecture, Yunnan province. Although she did not major in public security, she believed that her knowledge would be put into use in some way.

As a new police officer, Yi began to study police-related knowledge to enhance her professional competence. Step by step, she became a Thailand expert in her bureau.

She has served as an interpreter in important foreign affairs such as the China-Laos-Myanmar-Thailand Law Enforcement and Security Cooperation Meeting on the Mekong River, the China-Laos-Myanmar-Thailand Ministerial Meeting on Joint Patrol and Law Enforcement on the Mekong River, and the 12th China-Thailand Bilateral Conference on Cooperation on Drug Prevention. She was also selected several times by the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department to interpret for sessions of The Presidents' Forum of Police Academies in China and ASEAN countries and at the Roundtable on Law Enforcement Capacity Building.

The task that impressed Yi most was that she was one of the first investigators to arrive at the crime scene of the Mekong River attack, in which 13 sailors were murdered in October 2011 by a Myanmar drug ring.

"That was the closest I've ever been to danger or death," said Yi. She recalled that at that time their situation was dangerous, and she too was afraid. "But fear can be overcome and I determined to live up to the oath of loyalty when I joined the police," she said.

Yi recalled that in 2016, she took part in a special action. Lasting more than eight months, it was the longest business trip she had ever taken. She didn't even have time to arrange her family affairs or to say goodbye to her family before she departed.

In her ten years of work, she has taken part in countless tasks, and has won numerous awards: two Second-class Merit honors; one Third-class Merit honor; and four Outstanding Civil Servant honors.

Speaking of these honors, she said, "That's what I'm supposed to do, and the completion of each task is inseparable from collective efforts."

"My husband and I are both police officers. Because of the nature of our work, we are always apart from each other. But since we share the same profession, we are more able to understand, tolerate and support each other. We are partners both at work and in life," said Yi, with her face lit up with happiness when she talked about her family.

Yi and her husband have been on foreign affairs together. They cooperated well and completed the task smoothly. Their family has won honors such as National Civilized Family, National Five Good Families, and Most beautiful Family in China.

"I will stick to my original aspiration as a Communist Party member and a police officer. I will do my best to give back to society. Besides, I will also work hand in hand with my husband to safeguard the happiness of our family while safeguarding the happiness of other families," said Yi, full of hope for her work and life in the future.