Spring Bud Blooms | Living fulfilled life, spreading positive energy


"I'm sorry that my phone is ringing again," Wu Shasha, vice-director of the Publicity and Liaison Department of the Women's Federation of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, in Southwest China's Guizhou province, says during a phone interview with China Women's News.

It is the second time the phone interview has been interrupted. Wu seems exhausted, after having worked long hours for several consecutive days. Wu says her work now is fulfilling, and she is lucky to receive lots of assistance from many people, and organizations, such as the Spring Bud Project. She cherishes her life now, and she hopes to help others, with her utmost efforts, in the years ahead.

Wu was born into a rural family in Rongjiang county, in Guizhou province. Although her family wasn't well-off, her parents attached great importance to her and her brother's education, and her parents endeavored to create a bright future for their children.

Wu's parents were happy that she and her younger brother both studied hard, and performed well in school. Her parents' firm support gave Wu the determination to strive for greater achievement.

Wu's family encountered crop failures when Wu was in her first year of high school. Fortunately, Wu was one of the hundreds of schoolgirls, from Rongjiang No. 1 Senior Middle School, who qualified for financial assistance through the Spring Bud Project and other charity-minded enterprises that year.

Wu said the aid was "timely rain" amid her family's financial drought. Nevertheless, the financial assistance provided Wu with "additional strength" to study hard in school, because she didn't want to let her parents down  or disappoint those people who were helping her.

Wu's efforts eventually paid off. She was admitted to Minzu University of China, in Beijing. Four years later, she went to Tsinghua University to pursue a master's degree in Chinese language and literature.

During her stay in Beijing, Wu grew deeply concerned about the economic and social development of Guizhou. Therefore, she chose to return to her hometown  to become a grassroots public servant, after she graduated from Tsinghua University.

Wu has always done her utmost to accomplish all assigned tasks, in all departments of Qiandongnan Women's Federation, during the past few years.

For instance, Wu assisted with the work related to electing the new leadership in the village-level women's federation, the new village Party branch committee, and the new village committee when she served as first secretary of a village for two years.

"In addition to not having due support and understanding from family members toward their political participation, some rural women showed less willingness to take part in the governance of public affairs. I think everyone has the right to realize his/her personal value in many ways. Women can also play a role in village governance, and women have a natural advantage in promoting the work of women's federations," Wu says.

Wu and her colleagues visited villagers, door to door, and they encouraged women to run for positions in the women's federation, and the two committees. Things proceeded smoothly, and many of the local women got involved in rural governance.

Wu and her colleagues worked hard to promote rural culture and civilization, and they took effective measures to ensure people's livelihoods. The villagers' sense of security and gain has since been continuously enhanced.

Wu says she accumulated rich experience and improved her abilities during the two years she worked in the village.

From the girl who used to live in difficulty to the college student who became a "backbone cadre" in the workplace, Wu says her growth cannot be separated from the cultivation of the women's organization, her own efforts, the support of her family, and, more importantly, the care of Spring Bud Project.  

"I am satisfied with my work and life, and I will endeavor to create a bright future. I will also spread love and positive energy, and I will help more people benefit from the Spring Bud Project in the future," she says.


Wu Shasha, at work [CCTF]