Spring Bud Blooms | Leading villagers on new journey


Ju Youxiang, a beneficiary of the Spring Bud Project, is committed to helping with the continued development of the collective economy of Yongan, a village in Dali Bai autonomous prefecture, in Southwest China's Yunnan province. She is also committed to leading residents in promoting rural revitalization and creating a better life.

Ju comes from a rural, ethnic Yi family in Yongan. There used to be limited industries in the village, and residents' lives were difficult.

Ju studied hard and performed well at school when she was a child. Nevertheless, she was afraid she would have to drop out of school and stay home to help her parents with the household chores.

Ju cherished each day of her last year in primary school. In 2000, officials of the Spring Bud Project approached her, like a ray of sunshine, as she was about to quit school.

In 2000, Ju and 10 other girls in the village became beneficiaries of the project after a Spring Bud girls' class was set up in Yongji Junior Middle School.

The Spring Bud girls' class left a deep impression on Ju, and created many beautiful memories for her. Back then, teachers often recommended her to give shows at cultural and/or artistic events on campus, and she received several prizes in recognition of her singing and dancing.

Ju was admitted to Dali Agricultural School (predecessor of Dali Vocational and Technical College of Agriculture and Forestry) after she graduated from Yongji Junior Middle School. In 2005, she found a job with Dali Wahaha Food Company.

Two years later, Ju quit her job to return to her hometown to become a village committee employee. "With my knowledge and experience, I want to lead the village in shaking off poverty, and I want to help local residents work toward a better life," Ju says.

Ju says she never regrets her decision to work for the village committee, even though her salary is about one-fifth of what she earned in her previous position.

Throughout the years, Ju has assumed various positions with the village committee. She completed an adult-education program, and she became a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Last year, Ju was elected secretary of the general Party branch of the village, and head of the village committee.

"I am grateful to the villagers for their support and cooperation concerning the work of the general Party branch, and of the village committee. I will endeavor to meet the villagers' expectations, and I will strive in unity with them to create a bright future for our village," Ju says.

Currently, Ju is preoccupied with the construction of concrete roads, applying for temporary relief funds for villagers with disabilities, removing unauthorized structures and several other issues of interest to the public.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of villagers, Yongan has made great strides in infrastructure construction, industrial development, improvement of residents' livelihoods, and the protection of the rural environment.

Ju attributes the village's tremendous development to the unyielding spirit of the residents, and to their strong resolve to create a better future, which closely aligns with the spirit of the Spring Bud Project.

"The importance of a job is not only to make a difference for people, but also to exert a positive influence and become a source of strength for the growth of others," Ju says. She adds she is grateful for the Spring Bud Project, and she vows to work hard to give back to society.


Ju Youxiang (left) talks with farmers about planting traditional Chinese herbal medicine. [Photo/CCTF]