Spring Bud Blooms | Safeguarding healthy growth of children


"I think the value of an individual lies in his or her contributions to society. I grew up under the love and care of the Spring Bud Project. I am willing to do meaningful things for society, to repay the assistance of caring people," says Wen Xiaomei, a primary school teacher from Yinchuan, capital of Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region.

Wen, 25, is from Huangcha, a village in Xiji county, Guyuan. She has three younger siblings, two sisters and a brother, all of whom were raised by their mother after their father died.

There had not been a substantial improvement in her family's economic situation by the time Wen's sisters entered high school. Nevertheless, their mother, plagued by lumbar disease, due to the heavy farm work and household chores, was determined to send all of her children to university.

As the oldest child, Wen wanted to share some of her mother's burden. So, in 2017, when she received her admission letter from Ningxia Normal University, Wen decided to forego university to find a job. It was at that time the Spring Bud Project entered her life.

After learning about Wen's academic performance and family situation, the county's women's federation contacted Wen to inform her that she qualified for financial assistance from the Spring Bud Project, and that funding could help her continue her studies.

When Wen told her mother about the good news, her mother was very happy, and she encouraged Wen to study hard, so she would not fail the expectations of those who offered care and support to her.

With the project's help, Wen regained her confidence in life, and she decided to study hard, be an example for her siblings, and strive to be a useful member of society.

During her time at Ningxia Normal University, Wen often visited welfare institutions, and she did her utmost to bring happiness to the elderly and children in those institutions, as she hoped she could help in-need individuals feel the benevolence and compassion of others.

Wen says her time in university became an important part of her life, adding she gained strength from her past experiences.

Wen in 2021 became a teacher, at Yuehai No. 4 Primary School, in Yinchuan, after she graduated from university.

She has done her utmost to ensure the healthy growth of her students, by providing them with love and care whilst imparting knowledge to them.

Wen says she always teaches her students according to their different situations. "I enjoy being a teacher. The innocence and sweet smiles of the students have brought me endless happiness," Wen says.

She is grateful for the Spring Bud Project, and for the charity-minded people who provided invaluable assistance, as they played a vital role in helping her complete her education and become a confident person.

In the years ahead, Wen says she will continue to spread kindness and love, to be an optimistic individual, to foster talents for the country, and to remain committed to guaranteeing the healthy growth of her students.


Wen Xiaomei with her students [Photo/CCTF]