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Updated : 2022-02-17

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The Airport International Hospital and Sino-Singapore Eco-City Hospital of Tianjin Medical University have been put into operation. The construction of Binhai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has gotten underway; Binhai Hospital of Tianjin Medical University General Hospital has been completed and the goal of the project is to build a Grade III-A general hospital with 1,200 beds. Binhai Cancer Hospital is currently under construction.

Over the course of five years, Binhai New Area’s investment in health and social work has achieved 5.397 billion yuan, with an annual average increase of 51.2 percent, demonstrating a significant improvement in medical and health services. By the end of 2016, there were 666 medical and health institutions, including 68 hospitals and 27 community health service centers in Binhai. 

To better promote the well-being of residents in old urban areas, one of the major tasks of Binhai in 2017 is to standardize the functions of community service centers, which will cost 2.3 million yuan for upgrading 11 community health service stations, covering 3,240 square meters. 

Meanwhile, Binhai will also work towards bringing quality medical resources from large hospitals to community health institutions, deepen family contract doctor mechanism and promote integrated management of primary medical and health institutions. The goal is to establish a 15-minute primary care service circle that can satisfy the various medical and health needs of the residents. 

Binhai has been making bold attempts for the establishment of a smart health care industry. The most exciting one would be the Tianjin International Medical City to be constructed in 2018. This comprehensive medical complex is expected to become the most important platform for the development of relevant industries in Binhai New Area. With an area of 4,000 acres and an investment of 30 billion yuan, Tianjin International Medical City will make 20 specialty hospitals as the foundation, supplemented by different kinds of clinics and enhanced by the world’s state-of-the-art medical resources. Additionally, with scientific research institutes as its basis, Tianjin International Medical City will build incubators, push medical innovations to clinics and industries, establish an artificial intelligence base, medical innovation transformation base, high-quality medical radiation base, compound talent cultivation base and low-carbon medical base.