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SPG to explore ways to develop world-class smart and green ports

|chinadaily.com.cn |Updated: June 5, 2020

The Promoting World-Class Smart and Green Ports Development Conference was held in Qingdao June 2. The conference aims to facilitate Shandong Port Group (SPG) to develop such modern ports.

To implement the central government’s instructions on smart and green ports development and move more quickly to carry forward the pilot program concerning smart port construction, China will continue to build strong transport networks.

On May 27, a guideline on the development of China’s high-speed railway construction released by Ministry of Transport made SPG a demonstration port area for smart port construction. Starting with breakthroughs in this demonstration site, the guideline is expected to help spread a wide range of advanced experience and achievements that are replicated and applied elsewhere, in an effort to lay a solid foundation for that strong transport network.

Observing the principle of top-oriented, innovation, intelligence and integration, SPG is committed to green-leading and smart-driven development amid the process of port planning, constructing and operating since its establishment in last August, with a particular focus on the most cutting-edge management systems and advanced technologies from around the world.

With the mission of building consensus and providing an example for the high-quality development of national ports, SPG, which serves as a demonstration port area for smart port development, has delivered advanced experience and achievements, as well as improved policy options, standards and mechanisms in building top-notch facilities, technologies, management and services.

What is the best manner to build a smart port? Six detailed measures on building a country with strong transport networks were introduced under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport, with Shandong province selected as the demonstration site. The measures include a comprehensive service platform for a regional port logistics ecological circle, a smart brain platform for ports groups, an information system project for automated container terminals, an intelligence-based transformation project at traditional human labor-dominated terminals and high-standard technologies for automated terminals.

The implementation of this smart port demonstration site acknowledges the current achievements and development direction of SPG, which was formed just 10 months ago, and will surely bring unprecedented opportunities and inject new impetus for the group’s future development.

SPG, as a demonstration site, will draw strength from its practices to realize the deep integration of digital and physical economies through innovation-driven development and technology-oriented industries.
"We will boost efforts to promote the transformation and upgrading of SPG, as well as create a completely new development approach for development of China’s smart and green ports, with the aim of not only being a top-rate ports conglomerate across the country, but also a world-leading ports conglomerate," said Huo Gaoyuan, Party secretary and chairman of SPG.

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