• See China in 70 Seconds - Zhejiang


    In Zhejiang, you can buy almost whatever you want online with a free shipping service. This is a province that has witnessed numerous economic miracles. Check the 70-second video for more.

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    Documentary describes British House member's views on Zhejiang


    The New Stories of Zhejiang, a documentary tracing the rapid development of Zhejiang over the past seven decades from the perspective of a British man, made its world premiere in Beijing on Oct 9.

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    Zhuji, hometown of Xishi


    Zhuji is a county-level city of Shaoxing in East China's Zhejiang province. It is said to be the hometown of Xishi, one of the legendary four beauties of ancient China, who lived in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC).

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    South African helps tell Wenzhou stories


    After living in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province for almost nine years, Brett Lyndall Singh, whose Chinese name is Xin Chengle, has integrated himself well into the local life and is loving and caring about the city in his own way.

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    Zhejiang makes it happen: when designer meets tea


    Didier Quarroz is a designer from Switzerland who has been living in China for around eight years. After learning about China's tea culture, Quarroz was inspired to start a business combining design and tea.

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    Better Jinhua: China-Africa educational partnerships


    Nigerian scholar Osidipe Adekunle is devoted to educational research at Zhejiang Normal University in Jinhua. He came to study at the school in 2008 and has been working at the Institute of African Studies since he graduated last year. He looks forward to more China-Africa educational cooperation, especially in the area of technical and vocational education.

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    Home away from home in Yiwu


    Jordanian businessman Mohanad has been in Yiwu, Zhejiang for 18 years. He now lives with his family in the city and runs his own restaurant.

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