Huzhou writing brush


Huzhou writing brush manufacturing [Photo/]

Huzhou writing brush culture enjoys a long history and rich connotations.

It's the epitome of oriental traditional culture and also a brilliant chapter in the history of Chinese civilization. The Huzhou writing brush culture's abundant heritage stems from its long history of development, exquisite craftsmanship, numerous varieties and specifications, and the good will and strong promotion and wide application by great calligraphers of all ages.

The extensive and profound Huzhou writing brush culture is more than the writing brush itself; it has influenced all aspects of society. In 2000, the city built the Huzhou Writing Brush Museum, and in September 2001, Zhejiang University, Hong Kong Wenweipo, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, the Zhejiang Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Circles, together with the Huzhou municipal government held an International Huzhou Writing Brush Culture Festival and a Huzhou Writing Brush Culture Forum in Huzhou, both attended by many celebrities and domestic and foreign scholars. The inheritance and development of the Huzhou writing brush culture has aroused wide public attention. The festival has been held nine times since 2001.