AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Industry (Group) Co, Ltd

Updated: 2016-09-05

The AVIC Shenyang Aircraft Industry (Group) Company is a large-scale modern aircraft manufacturer, focusing on aviation manufacturing and integrating scientific research, production, testing, and trial flights. It is a subsidiary of the AVIC Aviation Equipment Company, and is one of the backbone enterprises of AVIC.

The company was established on June 29, 1951, covering an area of 3.9 million square meters, and is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese aviation industry, known as the cradle of Chinese fighter planes.

Through extensive and deep cooperation with a number of world famous aviation enterprises, the company achieved the industrialization development of civil aircraft and a navigation business, and it's also the only supplier for a number of projects, demonstrating its brand influence and value creativity.

AVIC Shenyang Aircraft is the supplier of emergency hatches, wing ribs, slippery course ribs, and leading edge for the Airbus A320, and also the only supplier of the vertical tail leading edge for the Boeing 787. It provides components and parts for the "transformation from passenger aircraft to cargo aircraft" project by Israel Aerospace Industries'Boeing 747. It is also a risk design partner of Bombardier on its C Series aircraft projects, responsible for undertaking the design, manufacturing, related testing and after-sales service of forward fuselage, center fuselage, back barrel section of the fuselage, tail cone and hatch doors, and has signed with Bombardier the subcontract production contract of the Dash 8-Q400 aircraft fuselage.

The company has a powerful technical and manufacturing strength, with the domestic advanced aircraft assembly level, whole aircraft testing techniques, reliability testing, flight testing and other advanced technologies, as well as equipment and a complete production aviation products manufacturing line.

The company has the largest Titanium alloy processing and manufacturing center in China, mastering the CNC machining technology of large-scale titanium alloy structural parts, forming technology of titanium alloy metal plate, titanium alloy welding technology, heat treatment and surface treatment technology. Its manufacturing level ranks in a leading position in China, and the company has built a first-class titanium alloy processing line in China.

The company owns a first-class composite materials processing center in the country, in which there is the most advanced composite components production line in China, joint curing technology, and flame spraying aluminum technology. It has mastered international digital manufacturing technology, including establishing digital manufacturing systems and processes, widely applying simulation technology to optimize process design, and keeping the advantages in digital manufacturing technology compared to Western countries.

The company owns powerful aircraft assembly system integration capabilities, especially in the successful research and application of electromagnetic riveting, automatic drilling and riveting, as well as the use of automatic drilling, flexible assembly, assembly simulation and other advanced assembly technologies, to ensure high-precision inspection and testing from research to batch production, from parts manufacturing to aircraft assembly, from finished products inspection to whole aircraft commissioning and so on.

Meanwhile, the company also has various advanced R&D and manufacturing technology for civil products, such as equipment manufacturing, construction and decoration, life services, and aviation technological applications.