Shenyang Customs helps firms obtain 'green pass' for global trade

( Updated: 2021-04-25

Shenyang Customs in Northeast China's Liaoning province recently launched 28 facilitation measures targeting authorized economic operators (AEO), according a press conference held by the information office of the Liaoning Provincial Government on April 21.

The measures have been included in the Shenyang Customs Certification AEO Management Measures Catalog.

The measures apply to advanced AEOs and general AEOs that are registered or filed in areas under the jurisdiction of Shenyang Customs, as well as advanced and general AEOs that are registered or filed in other customs areas but carry out import and export business in Liaoning.

Among the measures, 14 items are applicable to advanced AEOs alone, one item is only applicable to general AEOs and 13 items are applicable to both advanced and general AEOs.

The implementation of the measures will effectively shorten customs clearance time for enterprises and reduce customs clearance costs and institutional transaction costs.

They will not only bring considerable economic value and social benefits to enterprises but also greatly enhance the international competitiveness of companies and help them to "go global."

AEO is a qualification certification established by the World Customs Organization as part of the Global Trade Security and Convenience Standard Framework.

Through cooperation between Shenyang Customs and the business community, the customs department conducts credit certification and recognition of import and export enterprises that meet the relevant standards. It then gives them preferential customs clearance. 

This qualification is also called the "green pass" of global trade.

At present, Liaoning has 102 AEOs; these entities only account for 3 percent of the number of import and export enterprises in the province.

Of note, the import–export value of these AEOs in 2020 account for 54.31 percent of the province's total foreign trade.