Shenyang bureau organizes matchmaking meeting for foreign business enterprises

( Updated: 2021-04-27

Shenyang's municipal commerce bureau held a matchmaking meeting on April 23 for enterprises conducting foreign trade, foreign contracted projects and foreign labor cooperation.

The meeting was attended by around 70 people. 

Among the attendees were officials from the commerce departments of Shenyang's 14 districts, counties and the Shenyang free-trade zone, representatives from four enterprises undertaking foreign-contracted projects, 10 enterprises undertaking foreign trade and five enterprises involved in foreign labor cooperation.

At the meeting, foreign contracting engineering enterprises gave a detailed introduction to the current material procurement and engineering personnel requirements for overseas projects.

Foreign trade export enterprises and foreign labor service cooperative enterprises provided detailed displays of their production, operation and product supply capabilities, as well as their overseas labor cooperation service capabilities. 

Since last year, the global macroeconomic situation has undergone profound changes. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the development of enterprises around the world, and it has also created difficulties and challenges to Shenyang's enterprises looking to "go out."

Through face-to-face communication, the exchanges and cooperation in terms of resources, projects, materials, equipment and personnel among enterprises operating foreign-related businesses in Shenyang have been further strengthened.