Kangbashi Tourist Attraction

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Kangbashi District is a National 4A Scenic Spot featuring city proper with the theme of "leisure and resort", and it is the political and cultural center of Ordos. Kangbashi District boosts beautiful environment, fresh air, reasonable layout, and pleasant scenery. Attractions here include cultural squares, theme parks, museums, ancient sites, urban landscape lake and cultural buildings. Kangbashi District enjoys 7 theme squares, including Genghis Khan Square, Twin-horse Square, Sun Square, Mongolian Chess Square, Prairie Love Plaza, Food Plaza, and Vision Square. Besides that, Kangbashi District also has 6 major cultural buildings: Ordos International Conference and Exhibition Center, Ordos News Center, Ordos Grand Theatre, Ordos Museum, and Ordos Library; apart from that, Ordos embraces 4 theme parks: Asian Sculpture Art Theme Park, Kangbashi Central Park, Qingchunshan Park, and Prairie Arts and Culture Park. It is also where 3 major museums lie: Ordos Museum, Ordos Geological Museum, and Exhibition Hall of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Tourists can find other attractions like Eke Ovoo, Silu Village, Wulanmulun Heritage Site, Wulanmulun Landscape Lake, Ordos Wedding Park, National Unity Park, Ordos Motorsport City, and Qianting Mountain, etc. 

Ticket: Ordos Wedding Park, 30 yuan per person; other attractions, free.

Telephone: +86-477-8391119