2016 Ordos Government Work Report

Updated: 2017-11-27 Print

1. Review of our work in 2011-2015

A. The economy has registered a stable performance with good momentum for growth. The accumulative GDP reached 1.93 trillion yuan ($292 billion), representing an average of 10.7 percent growth, and outpacing most other cities in the central and western regions of China.

B. Traditional industries such as coal and agriculture have been transformed and upgraded and are accelerating while emerging industries such as services are thriving.

C. Comprehensive moves were made to build a prosperous society in all respects. The government constantly improved infrastructure, transportation and environment. The urban population rate reached 73 percent. The forest coverage rate increased from 23 percent to 26.3 percent.

D. Reform and innovation were strengthened. The government continued to deepen reform and innovation in major sectors.

E. Living standards were improved, and the government continued to increase inputs in areas related to them. In the past five years, it has invested a total 208 billion yuan to enhance people's livelihoods, accounting for more than 80 percent of total financial expenditure. Up to 171,000 new urban jobs were created and the registered unemployment rate was within 3 percent.

F. Social harmony and stability were ensured. The government continued to maintain stable and sound economic development as well as social harmony.

2. Targets and tasks for 2016-2020

Our main targets are:

A. Ensure the economy maintains a medium-high rate of growth.

-GDP grows at an average annual rate of 7.5 percent to reach 620 billion yuan

-Government spending on public affairs rises 3 percent on average to reach 50 billion yuan

-Investment in fixed assets grows at an average of 10 percent

B. Facilitate the extension of development to the medium-high end by transforming and upgrading the economy.

-The non-coal industries account for more than 60percent of the economy

-The tertiary industry accounts for more than 45percent of the GDP

-Efficiency of economic growth continues to improve, making Ordos a highly influential city in central and western regions

-By 2020, new drivers of growth gain strength to pave the way for an overall well-to-do society of higher quality.

To achieve the above objectives, we will adhere to the "five major development concepts" and strive to achieve the "five breakthroughs" as follows:

-Be innovative, to achieve greater breakthroughs in strengthening the vitality of development

-Be balanced, to achieve greater breakthroughs in adopting a holistic development

-Keep green, to achieve greater breakthroughs in strengthening ecological conservation

-Open up, to achieve greater breakthroughs in expanding exchanges and cooperation

-Look for shared growth, to achieve greater breakthroughs in improving people's livelihoods.

3. Major areas of work for 2016

We have set the following key projected targets for development this year:

- GDP growth of around 7.5 percent

- Increases of government spending on public affairs kept at 3 percent

- Growth of Investment in fixed assets kept at 12 percent

- Increase of total retail sales of consumer goods kept at 9 percent

- Increases in personal income kept at 8 percent for urban residents and 9 percent for rural residents

- Fully completion of the tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction

4. Enhancing government performance

To achieve the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, the government must continue to enhance its performance and improve under the new normal of economic development.