Inner Mongolia Erdos Wine Group Co Ltd

Updated: 2017-12-08 Print

Erdos Wine Group is a member of Vanzip Investment Group and a leading company in industrialization of agricultural products in Inner Mongolia.

The company has passed the ISO 9001 quality authentication. The "Erdos", launched as a grain liquor brand in 1953, has been granted status as a time-honored brand and a Famous Trademark of China.

The company produces 20,000 tons of liquor every year and has more than 100 products in three flavors --aroma, faint scent and mixed and different grades.

The company has won a number of awards over the past years, such as "Excellent Faint-scent Liquor of China", the "Most Respectable Enterprise of Inner Mongolia"(2005), "8th Place on the List of China's Top 100 Growing Enterprises"(2005), and "The Most Influential Brand in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region over 30 Years of Reform and Opening-up".

In 2011, Erdos Wine passed the authentication of the Liquor Specialized Committee of the China National Food Industry Association, which designated the brand as a high-end one. It was the first liquor maker in the autonomous region to win the honor. It was identified as an autonomous region level enterprise technological center in 2012.

The company aims to develop itself into a world-class wine industrial park integrating wine making, research and development, a wine culture exhibition and experiencing center, industrial tourism, business offices, logistics and storage, agriculture and husbandry.