Ordos agrees projects worth $11.39b

Updated: 2018-02-09 Print


Representatives from the government of Ordos and Dalad Banner sign an investment deal with a representative of East Hope Group. [Photo/WeChat Account of Ordos]

The government of Ordos and Dalad Banner held a ceremony to sign an investment deal with East Hope Group, in the city of Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on Feb 6.

The project, involving coal chemistry and agriculture, will attract investment of 72 billion yuan ($11.39), with the coal chemistry part of the deal attracting 60 billion yuan and agriculture attracting 12 billion yuan.

The coal chemistry section of the project is estimated to be capable of producing an annual output of 12 billion yuan once completed, and the agricultural part will have a capacity to generate 30 billion yuan worth of output.

The signing ceremony was attended by Liu Yongxing, chairman of East Hope Group; Ma Yongfei, vice-mayor of Ordos; Qidalengtai, Party secretary of Dalad Banner; Wang Bing, mayor of Dalad Banner, and other representatives from the three parties.

The representative in charge of the Ordos branch of East Hope Group signed the deal with Ma and Wang.

Based in Shanghai, East Hope Group is a leading company involved in the coal chemical industry and agricultural industrial chain.


The three parties negotiate the specifics of the project. [Photo/WeChat Account of Ordos]