Jinchen International Shopping Center

Updated: 2018-04-02 Print

Approved by the local authorities, Jinchen Trading Co. was founded by Ningxia Duoduo Trading Co., Beijing Hongsheng Trading Co., and Xi'an Jiachen Trading Co in Ordos in January 2011. The joint-stock company is located southwest of the intersection of Wenhua West Road and Puyang Street with a total floor area of more than 80,000 square meters.

The company attracted a total investment of 40 million yuan ($5.79 million). As a comprehensive commercial center, it features a supermarket, a shopping mall, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.

The 13,000 square meter underground supermarket is a convenient shopping place while the shopping mall is home to many big name brands of clothing, hats and footwear, a group of restaurants, KTV, foot bath centers, Internet bars, billiard rooms and children's playgrounds. Suning, one of China's leading home appliances retailers, has also settled in the mall.

In order to develop its industrial chain, Jinchen will expand its business in more fields, such as hotels and logistics. The Jinchen Business Center has six stories, including one underground. It follows international management concepts and is managed by a professional team. It is also the only shopping mall that features fashion brands, medium and high-end department stores and high-end supermarkets in the Kangbashi District. The company has also incorporated supportive living facilities for people in the Area.

Address: South of Taihua Jin Jiang International Hotel, Minzu Road, Kangbashi District, Ordos

Features: food, daily necessities, electrical appliances, clothing, catering, and entertainment

Parking: free