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Ordos Short Folk Songs

Updated: 2018-05-08 Print


Ordos short folk songs are popular with local people due to its unique ethnic style and strong local features, while they have also taken in the common styles of Mongolian folk songs that are primarily in the mode of Yu.

They are mainly performed in Otog Front Banner, Otog Banner, Uxin Banner, Hanggin Banner, Ejin Horo Banner, Dalad Banner and Zhunger Banner, in Ordos.

The melody is novel and unique, bright and beautiful. Differing from long folk songs, short ones are short in structure, with neat sentences, powerful rhythm, cheerful mood, and vivid musical images. A short song generally has two lines - two or four sentences of rhyme, and a comparatively fixed beat. Lyrics are simple, but not rigid, and characterized by frequent use of reiterative locutions.

They are often impromptu thus very flexible. For example, it is very common to mix the different songs and even reverse the tones in one song.

Due to different geographical environment and customs, short folk songs have various modes but very few tune structures. They are simple, direct and neat thus very easy to be sung and popularized, and also easily blend in with the Ordos dance.

In addition, some of the songs are attached with words or short sentences in the end for balance or euphony, thus enriching their artistic expression.