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Ordos wedding

Updated: 2018-05-08 Print


The wedding ceremony in Ordos has gained rich content and various forms over its long history, which has become a precious folk culture legacy. It was included as the first batch in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2006 by the State Council.

The completely preserved wedding ceremony that displays a mixture of Mongolian singing and dancing, expressing of good wishes, local customs, etiquette, costumes and food is a splendid, old, mysterious banquet with vivid features.

It embodies the unique nomadic, court and sacrificial cultures of Ordos, which is also a product of Mongolian folk culture.

A traditional wedding ceremony lasts a total of three days and two nights. The process includes a variety of rites, ranging from meeting the groom at the gate, offering gifts to the bride's family, marrying the bride with a bow, asking names and birth dates, toasting, sheep offering, receiving mother's blessing, baptizing with sacred water, unveiling the bride's veil, to offering tea to parents.