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Uxin Banner strives to alleviate poverty

Updated: 2019-08-23 Print

Uxin Banner, administered by Ordos in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has made notable achievements in poverty alleviation through targeted programs over the past few years. 

According to the latest research, Uxin banner has managed to lift 13,460 people out of poverty. A total of 4,316 households that were identified as poverty-stricken at municipal level are now able to increase their yearly income by 20 percent. 

Uxin Banner adopted the strategy of “one policy for one village and one method for one household” to fight against poverty. 

The local government encouraged the institutions, enterprises and individuals in Uxin Banner to help the impoverished people. The poverty alleviation program has involved a total of 122 institutions, 144 enterprises and more than 2,000 party members. 

“If not for the intervention of the Uxin Banner’s poverty alleviation program, we will never have been able to live such a good life and live in such a good house”, said Narenqiqige, a woman who had lost the capacity to work because of illness a few years ago. She benefited from the program and was able to move into a new house offered by the local government.