List of Designated Hospitals for COVID-2019 Treatment in Ordos

Updated: 2020-02-18 Print

The Second Ordos People's Hospital鄂尔多斯市第二人民医院

Tel: 15049461120 (the Konggang department)

13654777887 (the Dongsheng department)


Intersection of No 5 Wei Road and No 4 Jing Road in Ordos Airport Logistics Park (the Konggang department)

No 48, Yongxing Road, Dongsheng districr, Ordos (the Dongsheng department)


The People's Hospital of Dongsheng District东胜区人民医院

Tel: 0477-8103505

Address: No 1 Tuanjiebei Road, Etuokexi Street, Dongsheng district, Ordos


The People's Hospital of Dalad Banner达拉特旗人民医院

Tel: 0477-3946982

Address: The north of Desheng Avenue, Shulinzhao Town, Dalad Banner


Juungar Banner Central Hospital准格尔旗中心医院

Tel: 18547773798

Address: Muqi Road, Xuejiawan Town, Juungar Banner


Juungar Banner Dalu Hospital准格尔旗大路医院

Tel: 0477-4893621

Address: Junction of Weisan Road and Jingliu Road, Dalu Coal Chemical Industry Base, Juungar Banner


The People's Hospital of Otog Banner鄂托克旗人民医院

Tel: 13904771445

Address: Sulige Street, Wulan Town, Otog Banner


The People's Hospital of Otog Front Banner鄂托克前旗人民医院

Tel: 15049439890

Address: Sharitaladong Street, Aolezhaoqi Town, Otog Front Banner


The People's Hospital of Ejin Horoo Banner伊金霍洛旗人民医院

Tel: 0477-2253623

Address: Dongxintai Road, Dianli Avenue, Atengxire Town, Ejin Horoo Banner


The People's Hospital of Hanggin Banner 杭锦旗人民医院

Tel: 13789779957

Address: The east of Binhe Road, Xini Town, Hanggin Banner

The People's Hospital of Uxin Banner乌审旗人民医院

Tel: 0477-7219676

Address: Intersection of Xini Road and Talayinwusu Avenue, Galutu town, Uxin Banner