Donglian Modern Senior High School

Updated: 2020-04-29 Print

Donglian Modern Senior High School was funded by Donglian Holding Group in 2004 and was subsequently put under the administration of the Dongsheng district government in 2007.

In 2012, the school received official recognition when it was rated as an Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Demonstration Ordinary Senior High School.

In 2013, it won the May Day Labor Honorable Title of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The school has also been rated as an advanced teaching unit in Ordos city and it has educated many outstanding students, who have gone on to study at top universities at home and abroad – including Peking University, the University of Sydney and the University of Hong Kong.

The school has a beautiful campus environment and is known as a garden school.

It has a campus with an area of about 130 mu (8.67 hectares) and its buildings cover nearly 70,000 square meters. There are four teaching office buildings, five student apartment buildings, one restaurant, one comprehensive office building and one lecture hall.

The school also has a standard football field, nine basketball courts, six volleyball courts, four badminton courts and an indoor gymnasium.

The school library has a collection of about 150,000 books.

Donglian Modern Senior High School has rich teaching resources and a respected team of teachers. The school has 406 faculty members, including 362 full-time teachers, one special-grade teacher and 157 senior teachers. Of these, some 95 teachers have a master’s degree.

The school also has a rich variety of academic courses, with 158 on offer to students, which greatly broadens their horizons.