Ordos’ garden-style Kangbashi district draws in tourists

Updated: 2020-07-30 Print


Expansive, open green areas and splashes of vivid color from flowers in bloom add vibrancy to Kangbashi district. [Photo/chinadaily.com.cn]

The Kangbashi district of Ordos city, in North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is a garden-style quarter that is successfully luring increasing numbers of tourists each year – who flock there to admire its charming landscape that is full of wonderful flowers in the summer, according to local officials.

However, as a district on the edge of the northwestern desert, Kangbashi has always suffered from water shortages.

By using recycled water to irrigate its trees and plants, the total green area of the district now covers more than 40 percent of its total area. That lush vegetation has helped make Kangbashi a hit travel destination.

Last year, Kangbashi received 3.31 million visitors, who generated tourist income topping 1 billion yuan ($142.88 million).

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