Kangbashi prioritizes tourism development

Updated: 2020-09-10 Print


A campfire party is held in Kangbashi district to entertain tourists. [Photo/ordosnews.com]

Adhering to the development strategy of "ecology first, green development," Kangbashi district in Ordos city has been developing tourism and culture as its pillar industries in recent years.

Kangbashi has formulated the "Kangbashi District Tourism Development Master Plan" and issued nine tourism policy documents and implementation plans covering financing, land use, talent introduction and support and incentive measures.

The district aims to attract more tourists by improving its tourism facilities while also providing better tourism services and richer experiences.

Kangbashi is building a convenient transportation network comprised of tourist-dedicated bus routes, yachts, 5G uncrewed sightseeing buses, shared electric bicycles, sightseeing carriages and low-altitude aircraft. Sightseeing walkways and roads connecting scenic spots are also being developed.


A lion dance is staged in Kangbashi district to welcome tourists. [Photo/ordosnews.com]

Other tourism facilities, including 118 A-level tourist toilets, one tourist distribution center, five tourist service centers and 21,985 parking spots around scenic areas, have been built.

Meanwhile, a smart tourism service platform combining tour routes with food recommendations, hotel reservations and specialty shopping destinations has been launched. Tourists can also file complaints through the platform.

Besides tourism service platforms and facilities construction, Kangbashi is dedicated to providing rich cultural experiences with ethnic characteristics.

These include cultural performances and competitions, shopping for cultural products and healthcare services that use traditional Mongolian medicines. Ice and snow tours are also being arranged during the winter months.


Colorful flowers bloom in Kangbashi district, creating a vibrant city landscape. [Photo/ordosnews.com]