Ordos’ Economic and Social Achievements During the 13th Five-Year Plan Period (2016-20)

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Supply-side structural reform advances

The structure of the industries in Ordos has been continually optimized and upgraded. 

The proportion of the primary and secondary industries has declined, and the proportion of the tertiary industry has risen. 

The three industrial structures were adjusted to 3.4:58.0:38.5 by 2019.

Urban, rural areas develop in balance

Ordos vigorously implemented a strategy of rural revitalization, promoted the balanced allocation of urban and rural resources and narrowed the gap between urban and rural development.

In 2019, the urbanization rate of Ordos was 75.1 percent, an increase of two percentage points from that in 2015.

In 2019, the income ratio of urban residents and farmers and herdsmen dropped from 2.60:1 in 2015 to 2.48:1 in 2019.

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