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Agricultural, sideline products see market growth in Ordos

Updated: 2021-01-27 (chinadaily.com.cn) Print

The deep processing of agricultural and sideline products has seen booming development in Inner Mongolia Juungar Economic Development Zone in Ordos city in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region. While increasing economic benefits, it also plays a vital role in improving the local environmental conditions.

In recent years, Juungar Economic Development Zone has been transforming, actively introducing and supporting various agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises involved in the local production of mountain apricots, begonia fruit and sea buckthorn.

The total area of planted apricot trees in the banner increased from 350,000 mu (23,333.33 hectares) in the initial stage of farmland-to-forest reclamation work to 850,000 mu currently.

The zone has also launched its own product brands, including Plateau Almond Dew, Wangdao Pure Grain White Wine and Mongte Sea Buckthorn Wine.

Inner Mongolia Fengteng Almond Dew Co specializes in producing sea buckthorn juices and is a fine example of the zone’s successful introduction of enterprises that process agricultural and sideline products.

The company purchases more than 300 metric tons of sea buckthorn from local farmers every year, increasing the income of each household by about 3,000 yuan ($450.11) annually.

Compared to 2020, the company’s output has increased by 30 percent so far this year. The daily output can reach about 4,000 pieces, which is enough to meet market demand.

Most of the products are sold to the neighboring cities of Hohhot, Baotou and Wuhai, according to the company’s general manager, Chen Yixuan.